The term wazifa means to employ. However, the term wazifa is more commonly used to refer to the practice of reciting some verses and phrases from holy Quran to seek a specific favor or reward. In wazifa the Islamic texts are use with the recommendation of Molvi or scholar. The main practice of wazifa is to recite verses or phrases at particular number of time and particular number of days which will somehow grant favor and reward.
Love is the intuition, a sense of heart through which two heart’s feel for each other. The feeling of love is very strong and if one loses their beloved then it is a heart wrenching feel. Wazifa for all problemsEvery relationship has problems and some time it leads to separation. One can practice wazifa for love back which has powerful results. In Islamic books there are many phrases and verses to recite and get effective results. Muslims can practice this wazifa for love back after offering there salah and other sunnah prayers. One can also approach the astrologers of Islam or molvi for better guidance. Dua has immense power in Islam and amal according to rituals is yet another reward. The most effective wazifa as guided by experts is to recite YaWadoodo on the prayer beads 800 times. One can start this amal any time any day. Without skipping one has to recite this amal 11 days continuously. After offering salahsit on prayer mat and recite this. While reciting this wazifa for love back,do not talk to anyone else you will lose the essence.

According to Islam marriage is the imperative form of the word nikah implies that either it is obligatory or highly recommended. The need of wazifa for love marriage is when parents disagree for the marriage approval for love affair either the girl’s parent or boy’s parent. According to Muslims wazifa has immense power to reach their reward and results. Molvi or Islamic scholars recommend wazifa for love marriage with offering two cycles of nafal after the supplication of Magrib Salah. On prayer beads one should recite YA A’DLU. Recount Durood e Ibrahim 11 times in continuous. Proceed with the wazifa until you accomplish your objective.

Lost love is one of the painful feel which one suffers. It is due to many reasons beat personal or professional. There are troubles and hurdles in every relationship but some time it leads to separation. Which leave impact on both the couple’s. To come out this hurdle one should approach to Islamic astrologer or molvi for guidance. Wazifa for lost love back will be effective if practiced or recited in particular sequence. Amal is quite easy but then it will definitely result with an outcome. Wazifa for lost love back shall be practiced in the starting of month on new moon Thursday. Reciting 21 times Surah Ta’ha for 11 days continuously without skipping any single day.

In Muslim’s or Islam marriage is considered to be the purest form of relation. Both husband and wife are devoted towards each other and respect their relationship. If one disobeys hen the relationship spoils. Many a times problem occur but they can be managed. Wazifa for husband is beneficial where husband is disloyal and has left his wife. Rituals are practiced for amal and dua to get back husband and his love. Molvi recommends that wife should recite Surah Hasher’ last three verses 21 times. This wazifa for husband will be resultant if practiced with all faith. Similarly, if wife is dishonest and left her husband then wazifa for wife is beneficial and husband can practice the same wazifa.