Jinnat Ko Bulane and Dekhne Ka Wazifa Amal and Dua

Get Jinnat Ko Bulane And Dekhne Ka Islamic Wazifa And Dua

 Jinnat ko Dekhne Ka AmalJinnat or Jins are supernatural creatures that live in this world only but humans cannot see them. The holy Quran reveals that Jins are made of fire just like humans are made of soil. They live with humans only and they also roam in this world just like humans. For humans, it is quite hard to understand Jinnat. This is because Jinnat live with themselves only and do not like to mingle with humans. Jinnat and Jins have the power to take any form. They can be cat, dog, snake or anything they want. Allah (swt) has created Jins and Jinnats and he has given them this power. If you want to see Jinnats, you will have to perform Jinnat ko Dekhne Ka Amal.

Jins and Jinnats usually don’t harm humans. But some people perform Jinnat ko Dekhne Ka Amal to call the Jinnat and to control them to make Jinnats do what they want them to do. Jinnats can do lots of things for you. They can help you in fighting with your enemy. They can help you in attracting someone. They can also help you in controlling a person. But for this, you have to perform Jinnat ko Bulane Ka Amal Wazifa which is given below-

  • Choose a quiet and clean place to perform this amal;
  • Light up incense sticks or lobaan in that place;
  • Wear clean clothes along with fragrance;
  • Keep a fragrant flower near you;
  • Keep all the bad smelly things away from your place;
  • Recite Ayatal Kursi and 4 Kul for 1 time and blow your breath on a knife;
  • Draw a shape with that knife where you are sitting;
  • Recite “Ya shamyuluni” for 1 lakh 50 thousand times;
  • As you complete this amal, a female Jin will come infront of you.

Jinnat Ko Bulane Ka Amal And Tarika In Hindi

Jinnat Ko Bulane Ki Dua in HindiBefore performing Jinnat ko Bulane Ka Amal And Wazifa, you have to perform 2 rakat namaz in which you have to recite Surah Nasr or Surah Fatiha for 10 times in each rakat. After completion of your amal, a female Jin will come to serve you at your place and you can make her do anything for you. You have to take a promise from that Jin to be present at your service whenever you call her.

You can browse online to find out Jinnat Ko Bulane Ki Dua in Hindi. You can recite this particular dua to see and control Jins and Jinnat. This dua is really very effective and powerful. This dua forces Jins and Jinnat to be present on your call and show you their true face. Jinnat Ko Bulane Ki Dua in Hindi is required to be recited at a neat and clean place.

Jinnat Ko Dekhne Ka Wazifa and Tarika In Urdu Language

Jinnat ko Bulane Ka Amal And WazifaYou can consult a dua taweez specialist, Islamic astrologer or a molvi to learn Jinnat ko Bulane Ka Tarika in urdu. They will give you the wazifa to call Jinnat and they will also guide you the procedure in which you have to do it. With the help of this dua, you can make a Jinnat your friend. You can learn Jinnat ko Bulane Ka Tarika in urdu or write it on a paper so that you can recite it as and when required. This dua will help you in controlling the Jinnat so that the Jinnat will work for you and do everything as you say.

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