How to Remove or Get Rid of Black Magic in 3 Days in Islam Using Quran ?

Get Rid of Black Magic In 3 Days In Islam

Black magic is the magic performed with the help of demons and evil spirits. It is the most dangerous magic. Black magic is mostly performed to harm someone seriously. Sometimes it results in ultimate death of the person on whom it is performed. Allah (swt) never likes those people who perform black magic and those who take help of black magic to solve their problem. If you have any problem, you should pray to Allah (swt) instead of relying on black magic. A true believer of Allah (swt) never trusts on black magic and never performs it for any purpose. But being a Muslim, you should know How to Remove Black Magic in Islam.How to Remove Black Magic in Islam

There are so many people who suffered a lot just because of black magic. They do not know How to Get Rid of Black Magic. Some people even fail to understand the symptoms of black magic and so they could not find the right treatment for it. The effected person suffers a lot and no one could be able to solve his/her problem because they don’t know about it. This is the reason why everyone should know How to Get Rid of Black Magic and how to identify it. Once you know it, you will be able to help people who are suffering because of black magic performed on them.

Is this Possible To Remove Black Magic In Islam By Quran

If black magic is done on you or someone else in your family or friend’s circle then you should perform the wazifa which is given below to cure it. While performing this wazifa, you should keep your intention in mind and pray to Allah (swt) to remove black magic from the effected person. The procedure to perform wazifa to get rid of black magic is given below-

  • Take a clean piece of white colored cloth;
  • Mix turmeric powder in some water;
  • Dip the cloth piece in the water that contains turmeric powder to color that cloth piece;
  • Then cut that cloth piece into 40 pieces just like you cut it to make a taweez or amulet;
  • During the night, you have to light one cloth piece among 40 pieces on the place where the effected person is sleeping;
  • For continuous 40 days, you have to light each cloth piece and do the same which is written in the above step.

If you perform the above mentioned wazifa, you make the effected person free from black magic. It is the simplest way to remove black magic. Now you know How to Remove Black Magic in Islam so you can help so many people.

How to Remove Black Magic Using Quran 

How To Remove Black Magic Using QuranQuran has the solution for every problem. It can also give you power to fight with black magic. But for this, you have to learn How to Remove Black Magic Using Quran. There are so many aayats and Surahs in Quran that can completely remove black magic from the effected person. Keeping your right hand on the forehead of effected person if you recite “ayatal kursi” for 21 times, you can remove black magic from that person. This is the way How to Remove Black Magic Using Quran. Surah Fatiha also proves to be effective in g etting rid of black magic.

Islamic astrologers can also guide you How to Remove Black Magic in 3 Days. You can do what they tell you to do or you can let them do it on your behalf. They will provide you a taweez or wazifa to protect you from black magic.

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