Dua literary means invocation, is an act of supplication. Muslims regard dua as the profound act of worship. One can come out from all his sufferings with the help of dua as mentioned in holy Quran. As per Islamic scriptures it is mentioned that dua has immense power to heel the trouble and problem. If one recites dua with all his faith then definitely he will be rewarded and will succeed. Islamic dua is to send your message to Allah who can fulfill your each and every issue. Dua for lost love is to bring your desired love. After offering Salah one should remain seated on prayer mat and with all faith in Almighty recite surah Yaseen three times in continuous.
Best way to convey your wish is to offer prayers and dua. Rohani dua is quite effective which results in favor of your problems. Get Dua for all Problems Molvi or specialist will guide with the powerful dua and verses. Dua for love back is beneficial for those who have left their beloved and moved on this is effective in getting back them with strong dua. Specialist recommend to recite Bismillah hirrahman niraheem which is tested and has an effective result. Dua for husband is recited when couples are unhappy with each other and they decide to separate this as well affects the family and their relation. Islamic mythology teaches always love and care. Wife may recite all four Qull mentioned in verses of quran daily after salah 7 times and pray to Almighty this has strong impact and will be effective. Not only the rights of a man or a husband exist but at the same time the rights of a woman or wife in Islam are comparatively significant. Spouses should advice one another in every kind of affair. Dua for wife is practiced when due to any misunderstandings wife walks out of her relation. Then husband should concern a Molvi or scholar who will guide with best rohani dua which will be powerful. Husband should recite Surah Al Bara’at one time keeping his wife’s name in mind.

Marriage is very important ritual in everyone’s life. Getting marry to a person who is stable and settled is once dream. After marriage there are several times when problem arises. Dua for marriage is helpful for those who are stress because they are not getting married or for those also who are not happy in their married life. Strong and powerful dua is to recite Surah e Muzammil each day once for continuous 41 days or Surah al Mumtahinah five times daily. Dua for break relation is to stop in being an illegal relation. Every day before azaan of morning prayer read Durood Shareef 11 times, recite Surah Lahab 19 times, then do a blow on face for whom dua is done. While performing this powerful dua there will be instant result soon. Dua for Qunoot is most beautiful short prayer done during the Salah of night. This da is basically done in favor of Almighty in which God will help you to implore for help and forgiveness. In which one can rely and extol and thankful to God and be grateful to him. This is strong dua and quite effective and beneficial. Love in Islam is considered to be the most pure and profound form and if one loses their loved one then it a heart wrenching feel. Rohani dua is quite reasonable and will help to get back love and find a loved one in life. Dua for love as guided by the molvi and specialists is Surah tauba after reciting it one prays and will get his or her result.